Page Elements Render Slowly with InMotion versus Media Temple GS

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I'm evaluating InMotion's VPS versus my MediaTemple Grid Server. I've noticed that some pages even though they load faster with InMotion (when tested on sites like Pingdom), the data and images don't render in the web browser as quickly as MediaTemple's Grid Server.

Here is an example of a site on both servers:

> InMotion -
> MediaTemple -

On InMotion I see each table row load, whereas on the Grid Server the table rows just appear. What would cause this difference? Is there a way to resolved this on InMotion?

I checked with InMotion Technical Support and they said they could see the difference in the rendering time, but could not determine the cause. They suggested I submit this info to the Support Community.

I have noticed similar behavior with other domains I'm hosting with InMotion VPS. Is this something that others experience? Any thoughts on what is causing the issue?

Hello Markrummel, Thanks for the questions in regards to the server performances. I decided to test this using a performance website called, to see if there was any significant difference in speed when looking at it through a third party. There was barely any difference. A VPS - or Virtual Private Server, is still a form of shared server, though the server is isolated (virtually), and you can basically have full control of the VPS. You are still sharing resources on the server. The difference could be indicative that there's simply a little more activity on the VPS that we are hosting during your tests. When I ran both sites a few minutes ago, I looked at it on a PC and then on a Mac with much more processing power. It loaded on both systems (probably because of caching) with barely any delay. However, the speed grades for the site that Geometrix provided did indicate that you could definitely apply some optimization to the website to speed it up. I apologize that I can't provide any specific difference in performance. I do believe, however, that it's most likely simply a result of activity on the server node for the VPS being a little higher on InMotion side when you ran the test. This would not always be the case, and having it run on a dedicated server would be more ideal, but it is what I think is making the difference in your testing. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. If you want a guide on reducing high resource usage, check out this link. I know it starts with dire warnings about high resource usage, bu t the articles give good tips on optimization and reducing the overall load on the server and how to identify where the problems might be occurring. The results are also a great place to start. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.