Shared Secure Server Redirection

  • Answered
My Shared Secure Server is at I wanted to test my WordPress website ( using the secured server since my 'live' site, on GoDaddy, uses an SSL cert because I collect sensitive information from customers. Therefore, I uploaded my files and database to the InMotion Hosting Shared Secure Server. Everything appeared to work correctly. At least I could see my home page. Unfortunately, when I click a link or even try to go into wp-admin, I get an InMotion page that says, "" and tells me my IP address. What am I doing wrong?
Hello, Thank you for submitting a question about Shared Secure Server Redirection. Sorry for the problems you're having with the Shared SSL with your WordPress website. The problem is common with WordPress, but there is a solution that you can try. The reason you're seeing the server page is that for some reason when WordPress is trying to generate the page, it's not using the full temporary path. I also noticed that some of the pages were still trying to use your domain name. However, as I said, there is a possible solution, and it is in the form of a plugin: WordPress HTTPS. I was looking up issues with Shared Server SSL on the WordPress forums, and this was the recommended fix. It allows you to set a shared SSL and should take care of the issues that you're seeing. Please try using this plugin to fix the issue you're having. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.