Php framework on basic plan, google ad-sense and extra services

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I'm building a website that eventually could generate profit through google ad-sense. I would like to start with the basic plan $5.99 and if I manage to make the product succesfull and I start to get revenues from google ad-sense, then I will upgrade my hosting account according with what it needs. This is not a bussiness website, rather entertainment. So what I would like to know is: do you guys support php framework (laravel) on the basic plan $5.99? Do you support google ad-sense or does implies any extra requirement or charging (I'm sorry if this question is naive)? Is there any other service that you offer with additional charges?

Thank you for your question on Laravel. Yes, you can use Laravel on the business plans. It installs into the file area and needs no extra databases. This is something you would need to install on your account yourself, but it is a straightforward install with no additional access required.

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Scott M