I just transfered my store , error

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Good morning , im recieving an error in my sotre , this was after i asked to website transfer
the error epear when i try to go in catalog , product , in the admin panel of the opencart
error:Notice: Error: Table 'liquid53_liqui502_chinaatevoce.suppliercompact' doesn't exist
Error No: 1146
SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT p.product_id) AS total FROM oc_product p LEFT JOIN oc_product_description pd ON (p.product_id = pd.product_id) LEFT JOIN suppliercompact sup ON (p.supplier_id = sup.supplier_id) WHERE pd.language_id = '2' in /home/liquid53/public_html/chinaatevoce.com/system/database/mysql.php on line 50

can you help me ?
i dont know , do you have any keyword so i can search in my email ?

Sorry for the problem with your OpenCart database. I looked at your OpenCart installation on your VPS and I found that the database is missing tables. The error message indicates an SQL join that requires the table. Since there was a recent transfer operation, the issue needs to go BACK to that team, because they have access to both the old and the new databases that were involved in the transfer. It's possible that they can re-transfer the database in order to fix the problem. The Support Center does not have the same access for the transfer, so this issue will need to go back to the WTR team. Please respond to the WTR email and explain the database issue that you're seeing so that they can take action on the problem.

Apologies that we can't provide a fix for the issue from the Support Center, but please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.