Prestashop category page banner.

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Please see:

You will see the banner under the header (dog on orange bed). I believe the image setting of 857 x150 is in global.css but I can't find it anywhere. I changed the size of the image in my back office but of course the size will not increase because it is locked in.

Can you assist me in changing this to 857 x 250. I need your help locating it.

Also CODE EDIT will not work in file manager due to the size of the script. I tried in all three browsers so the line number may not help much. I can edit but not in CODE EDIT where the lines are.


Hello Bruce, Thank you for contacting us about modifying your banner size in PrestaShop. Please allow us some time to look into this for you. Yes, the code editor in File manager may cut-off after many characters, in this case I recommend using FTP to download the file, then edit it using something like Notepad++. Upload the file back to your account using FTP, when you are done. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul