How to keep copies of deleted emails on server

  • Answered
I created a support email account that is shared with two people: Rep 1 and Rep 2 (and is accessed from their own iPhones/laptops). If Rep 1 deletes an email from this account, it removes it from the server and prevents Rep 2 from seeing it ( that is, if Rep 2 didn't download it to his device prior to the deletion by Rep 1). How do I prevent the deletion (or removal) of emails from the server? (I'd like to keep all copies of emails for this account on the server). Thank you in advance.
Hello, Thanks for the question about how to keep deleted emails on the server. This will depend on how the clients are loaded on each person's computer. If they access it using IMAP, then you can create separate folders where people can store the email. If you're using POP, then all email is kept in a single folder (the INBOX) and then everything is updated on the account when changes (like deletions) are made. I would suggest that you make sure that both are using IMAP and then have your users create separate folders for moving emails (on their email client - e.g. their iPhone), or create 2 separate email accounts and FORWARD the email to each email account. This way, they both have a copy of the emails going to that account. Using the email forwarders with 2 different email accounts would probably be the easiest way to do this if you want to make sure that emails from the one account are duplicated in both accounts. However, if you're looking for a way to have control of a single email account with two different people, then using IMAP with each person keeping different folders is probably the way you want to go. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.