Googlebot Can't Access My Site

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Over the last 24 hours, Googlebot encountered 20 errors while attempting to connect to my site. My site's overall connection failure rate is 32.8%. Here are the gtmetric results for my website speed :

The page load does exceed 3 seconds.( which might be causing the problem.)

I also contact the technical support and they told me Other sites on the same server are being scanned by googlebot wtih no errors. So google gave me this suggestions below but I couldn't undersnat what can be the reason.

Verify that the web service software for your site is installed and running properly.

Verify that your firewall or server are not blocking googlebot's access to your site.

Verify that all scripts that run on your site have proper permissions to run.

Verify that your site has proper permissions to access the pages of your site.

Using Webmaster Tools, find a day with a high error rate and examine the logs for your web server for that day. Look for errors in the logs for that day and fix the causes of those errors.

Your site may be overloaded. Talk with your hosting provider about either reconfiguring your web server or allocating more resources to your web server.

If your site redirects to another hostname, another possible explanation is that a URL on your site is redirecting to a hostname that has one or more of the problems listed above.

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Sorry for the problems that you're seeing with the Googlebot errors. Unfortunately, the issue may simply be something within your website structure that is causing the problem. As per Google's instructions, you should be using Google's Webmaster Tools to review the logs and see when/where the specific errors are occurring. When I reviewed your website, it loaded in under 3 seconds and running your site in GTMetrix resulted in a B and A scores for Page Speed and Yslow grades respectively. We do not see a problem on the server side concerning the hosting of you website. If you can identify a specific issue per the logs that Google is providing to you, then it may help us to identify if there are any issues. Googlebot is a third-party searchbot that comes from Google, and it is not something that we take any measure in blocking. If you can provide further information for the issue we would be happy to help. For more information, make sure to review Intro to Google WebMaster tools.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.


Arnel C.