can't stop forwarding e-mail

  • Answered
my wife has a working comcast e-mail account. however, anyone who sends her an e-mail gets a automated reply from yahoo that says "delivery to recipients aborted". her yahoo account is not active, and any attempt to log-in sends me into a circular run-around. somewhere in the process of setting up her e-mail my adult son managed to "forward" her comcast e-mail to her now inactive yahoo account. we use windows live mail and I checked under message rules and there is nothing being forwarded that way. I also logged into her e-mail through the comcast website and there is nothing being forwarded that way. everyone who sends her an e-mail thinks she isn't receiving any e-mail but she is. HELP!!!

Can you please provide the email account in question so we may troubleshoot further? If you do not wish to release that information then you would need to contact comcast just to make sure there is not a forwarder.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens