How do I convert InMotion hosted email domain to Exchange 2013?

  • Answered
We are looking to convert our current mail service being hosted on InMotion (POP3) o our Exchange 2013 (SMTP) server. Is there a migration guide somewhere I could find or something to lead me in the right direction? We want to forward the mail from InMotion to the Exchange mailboxes as well. I know this involves converting MX records and the such but I feel like something is missing in the grand scheme of things. I also want to start that the InMotion domain and the AD domain used with Exchange are exactly the same. So are the email addresses.
Hello smetts,

You would need to make sure you add the exchange servers IP address to your SPF records to prevent any unnecessary bounce backs. Other than changing your MX records and setting email delivery to Remote there should be nothing else you would need to do.

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TJ Edens