How do you make a program from softculous LIVE ?

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Don't know how to make a guest book - Laz - LIVE?
I see all the files and database info after I installed, but what is really important ... how do you load it so it shows up on your website page? No extra page, just get it on my page? Guess I have to look at all the webdesign info - hope that gets to the point and tells me how, but does anyone know so I can get moving on here? Thanks
Hello therese90, Thank you for your question on making softaculous programs live. All the software installed via the Softaculous tool is already 'live' as soon as it is installed. The programs are typically installed into their own areas or subfolders. For example, you may have your main site at and install a WordPress blog in the 'blog' subfolder. This would be accessed by visiting If you wish to link to that area of the site, you would simply add a standard link somewhere on your main site. These programs do not typically mesh with other builder tools or each other, so they will be created as extra pages or entire sections. Most also have their own dashboards to log into and themes to configure. If you have any specific questions along the way, please leave them below and we will be happy to help. Kindest Regards, Scott M