Blackberry Email Security Issue

  • Answered

I have setup my email id on my blackberry mobile.

Now it seems to me that someone else has acces to my email id. So I changed the password.

But instead of asking for new password, email set on blackberry mobile is still getting emails without any change in password by me on blackberry mobile

This i a big security concern as if some unknown has acces to my email id over blackberry, he can continue to have access even I change password

The SMTP server on Blackberry is

On my other phone which is a windows phone phone, the server is and it asks for password as soon as I change password

So It looks when I change password, it only changes password on email configured on but not on

I contacted customer support and have a chat, he tried a lot of things like setting in advanced dns zone editor, he changed the type to A but nothing happened

Then atlast he said blackberry mobile keeps session active even if you change password

If thats the case, is there any solution to close all active sessions

or if there is any other solution so when I change password, it should ask for new password on blackberry mobile too ?

Hello vaibhavj, Thank you for your question about email security on a blackberry. I am not aware of any way to check emails on a server without authenticating. Since BlackBerry routes email through their own server, most likely the emails were pulled before the password change and are just taking time to route to you. Making them show up after the password was changed, which may seem like they are just being received. Once all the email that was on the blackberry server is delivered, it should no longer be able to receive email. You can confirm this by attempting to send/respond a new email. If your problems perist, contact Live Support so they can review your email logins while you are testing. You would have to contact Blackberry for more in-depth information on their server security. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul