Back Office not working after 1-click upgrade to 1.6.011

  • Answered
Since performing a 1-click upgrade to 1.6.011 several problems have appeared in the back office.

For example:
Dashboard Activity Overview continuously updating but showing no data
Unable to edit any existing products

Also Front Office problems
Menu options disappeared from the home page but still show on site map.

My main question is, how do I restore the Home Directory Back-up that I made as it states that it cannot be done from the cPanel



I am not a 'Techy so a simple answer would be much appreciated :-)
Hello Nigie, Thank you for contacting us about Restoring a backup. On shared hosting, or a VPS/dedicated server without root access, our technical support team will need to restore this backup for you. To do so, simply upload your full cPanel backup to your home directory via FTP or the cPanel File Manager, then submit a ticket to support letting them know where it is located. Also, I tested the on-click upgrade with a standard installation of PrestaShop, and it was successful. I recommend checking all of your Themes, add-ons/extensions to ensure are compatible with the version of PrestaShop you are updating to. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Regards, Arnel C.