Dedicated IP Address request

  • Answered
Hi, we acquired recently a VPS 2000S pack, but we could not see the "Request Dedicated IP Address" as shown at the instructions, instead we see at AMP backend a "Purchase Dedicated IP...", which it should be free. Is there anything wrong? Can you give us a hint how to do it? Thank you.

I am going through exactly the same thing, I can't find the request IP address either, so I put in a ticket and they asked for my reason, did you get your IP address, I only have a few days to get my store moved and part of that was the IP address.

InMotion Support, you should maybe look at updating your AMP to have a request dedicated IP button as per your instructions in the Support Centre. Thanks
Hello Casasbrancas, Thanks for the question about getting a dedicated IP for your VPS. In order to get your IP address so that you don't get charged is to submit a verified support ticket through email. Make sure to specify the domain that you want to have the IP address for. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.