I want to replace my existing website with a WP created website

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I host my existing website with inmotionhosting, and recently installed WP and created a blog within my website. I've decided to replace my existing site with a new site created in WP and want to include the pre-existing blog in it. How do I go about doing that? Do I start fresh and recreate my blog or can I use the blog as a launching point and add pages, including a static home page, to build the new website...

Thank you for your WordPress question today. Depending on how you want to structure it this can be done with WordPRess as your main site. You can simply assign a page to be your front and have the blog page elsewhere. You could also install WP under a subfolder like /blog and then have static pages as the main. Then you simply link to the blog subfolder for your WordPress content.

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Scott M