Trouble with CNAME Resolution

  • Answered
I've adjusted the CNAME record "" to point to a Hubspot blog. It's been over 48 hours and there is no CNAME resolution. I receive no response when running a ping to "" and a traceroute yields high latency and timeouts halfway through.

Is this a problem on inMotion's side?

If I've done something wrong, can someone give me an idea of how to do this correctly?
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your CNAME resolution. I was able to locate the site you mentioned and confirmed the CNAME was set to the hubspot blog. I then checked the main domain to see what the DNS says for that and it is pointed to GoDaddy. The answer is to either set the CNAME up with GoDaddy, or set the name servers to point to your server and then the CNAME you have set up here will take effect. Either way, you will then be able to see your hubspot blog with your desired subdomain. Kindest Regards, Scott M