How to Make Word Press site page inactive without deleting it

TechTerrified 6 years ago in Content Management Systems / WordPress 0
I am building my site in WordPress. I built a page but I have decided to combine part of it with another page. I don't want to delete the original page as it took much time to create. I'd like to keep it for the future. Is there a way to keep it but make it inactive/invisible when the site is made live? Thanks.

Thank you for your question on unpublishing a page in WordPress. The easiest way to do this is to go into your WordPress admin and then "Edit" the desired page. Up in the upper right corner, there is a 'Status' that should currently be set to 'Published'. Click the dropdown there and you can change the status to "Draft". This will effectively remove the page from your site, but still retain it within WordPress for later use or republishing.

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Scott M