Regd the sofware support

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Dear Tech Admins, As one of my colleague has already requested you regd the software support in another ticket # 100-2120691. We have received some information from your end. But we are not really techies and have no idea about this technical issues.

As the script vendor asked to have the features inorder to work the script properly, we have mailed you.

I am sorry to ask you this but we have no choice. Can you please check the following features once again and enable or make the updates where ever it is needed.

Presently the website is hosted in and the billing also coming in next 4 - 5 days. So i request you to kindly help us in this regd.

Domain name: (under our vps account -
Features to be supported for this (Once again for your reference)
PHP version must not be lower than 5.2.4
Mysql version must not be lower than 5.0
Server API must be Apache Server or CGI
GD library must have Free type support (make sure that Free type support value is
enabled for this directive)
Find the following sections (all of them are required for proper software performance):
Register_globals (must be off)
safe_mode (must be off)
Suexec, suhosin, suphp, suapache modules must be disabled

With Regards
Venkat Sure


Hello Venkat, Thanks for asking about your software support issues as per ticket # 100-2120691. I checked the history and there was a response back on January 30th indicating the conditions were met. Here's a copy of the reply:
 It appears that your server is currently running PHP version 5.4, MySQL 5.6, is using Apache, and has Free type support already enabled. I have enabled the PHP module for cURL. DOM, and JSON are enabled by default. As to the 'register_globals' setting, you can change that from your .htaccess file. We have instructions on how you can do so in our Support Center here: Finally, if you would like to disable SuPHP, you will need to pick another PHP handler. For a list of your options, have a look here: Please let us know which one you would like.
You should speak to your script vendor for followup to see if they need anything further. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.