Images/pages slow to load

  • Answered

I'm having some trouble with my small portfolio website Each sub-page is very small, yet it takes an unusual and irritatingly long time to load at times.

How can I speed up the loading? I've compressed the images greatly. The thing is that I see some very heavy sites with large images loading much quicker. Why is this?

Thank you!
Hello, Thank you for your question about images, and page speed. I looked at your site and the largest factor in the page load time is the images. It appears they are being resized while loading in the HTML/CSS code, instead of the image being scaled. For example, the images on the front page are actually 370 x 370, but every time the page loads each image is being re-sized one-by-one to 185 x 185. A better solution is to resize the images in an image editor (such as PhotoShop, Paint, or Gimp) to 185 x 185 so they can be served immediately. I also recommend using some form of caching on pages or items that don't change frequently. The setup of this will differ based on how your site is coded/developed. GTmetrix is a helpful tool and can give you specific information on your page load times, and the cause. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul