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I have been dealing for the last day with this problem:
I asked you to transfer my web from another hosted, I thought that everything was ok, until I realized that I did not change my dns.
I made that on monday, and after that, I can not see the pictures in the web, the last changed in the dashboard, I do not received the emails from the web. I made a test purchase and I do not even see that in prestashop dashboard.
It is like the web is not conected with my prestashop dashboard.
I need to fix this problem as soon as posible, please.

Sorry to hear that you're having problems with the PrestaShop dashboard and mail issues with the PrestaShop site. The issues are going to require some further review. I can see the header graphic and much of the rest of the site, however the location of your product graphics remains a mystery. Are you aware if they were being served from another location than your original server? If so, then that is most likely the reason that they are not current located the server. If you can provide more information on those files, then it would help. When I look at the missing graphics on your website, I'm seeing that your grahics files do NOT exist in the location where they're being pulled. For example, here's a graphic request path: That location /c/8-medium_deafult/... does not exist and we don't see the files either. Other than that, the files are working okay. As for your email, you may need to configure the SMTP settings in PrestaShop in order to get them to work. We can work with you to get that in order after the graphic issues are corrected.

Please provide us any further information on the graphics, if you can find it. The issue may stem from missing files that were not transferred. Since we do not have the files on the server, then you may need to seek the files on your old site or from any backups.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.