How do you change the width of the default Protostar template?

  • Answered
The default (container) width of the protostar template is set for 960px, in the default responsive Static layout. I need the protostar template to remain in the responsive Static layout, yet with the width of 1150px, in the responsive Static layout.

How do I change the fixed (container) width (960px to 1150px) in the responsive Static layout, of the default protostar template?

I understand, I may need to create a new css file and possibly add to another file.

If you can tell me all of the necessary steps, in order to change the fixed width from 960px to 1150px, staying in the responsive Static layout of the default protostar template, it would be really Very Much Appreciated!

Thank You Very Much
Hello, Thank you for your question about changing the default width of the Protostar Template. I found your similar post in the Official Joomla forums, where xplosion gives a very detailed answer. Here is the post for anyone else who may want to Change the default width of the Protostar Template: Protostar Fixed Width 960px, needs to be 1150px Please Help If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul