VPS Hosting for Nonprofit Project?

  • Answered
Dear Whom this May Concern,
I would like to know about what is the most appropriate hosting plan for a site like www.naturoelixir.org since I personally am developing the site I mentioned but somehow I am planning that in the future, there will be more than 50000 registered users, both students and staff, for the educational website. In addition, there will be intense amount of usage of online data where the students will post PDF files, music sheets, artworks on Photoshop, do video calls and other projects that will enhance the learning experience. Please let me know which of the hosting plan will enable all of these projects to be possible without increasing the loading time to above 6 seconds. Thanks
Andy Lai
Hello, Thank you for your question on your future hosting plan. While ultimately it seems you may need a heavy duty dedicated server, you may want to start smaller with a VPS. You can always upgrade whenever you need without losing any money you already paid for a previous plan. You may want to send a verified ticket to our Live Support team so our they can evaluate your requirements and give you specifics tailored to your requirements. Kindest Regards, Scott M