How do you find your secure FTP host name?

  • Answered
I was following the directions on the tutorial linked below to setup secure FTP and I can't seem to get the hostname correct. I looked up the server info in the cPanel and found the server name but, it won't work.
Host Name:
I replaced the ### with the numbers from my server name. I tried the full server name and that didn't work either. What is the correct way to find out what your secure FTP hostname is? Thanks.
Hello jdanser, Thank you for your question about finding your secure FTP Host Name. Please see our updated guide on how to Connecting to SFTP for Shared Accounts. It includes steps for resellers, such as yourself, and explains how to use your domain name as the host name instead. I have redirected the old article to this new version, to avoid confusion in the future. We really apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul