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I am doing a project of multiple Spry Accordions on different web pages with different .css, or supposed to be different .css. Dreamweaver seems to be mixed up. When I insert a Spry accordion onto the second web page, it comes with all the .css of the one I created on the first page. And when I modify the .css of the accordion on either web page, it changes the .css of both pages. I don't want the different accordions to look alike.
Hello greenDaf, From what I see from the official Dreamweaver documentation, the accordion widget that you are referring to uses a single CSS file for all pages in which if you cange it on one page, it will change it on the others. Normally, you could just make a copy of that CSS file, rename it to something else, and include it on the other page in which edits to that second CSS file would not affect the initial page, but I am unsure of how Dreamweaver would handle it. Best regards, JeffMa