after domain transfer problem

  • Answered
I did transfer a domain from a previous hosting company to my go daddy registrar account, then I did add the name of server that you provide me:

and I told the previous hosting company to delete everything
after that I did add a new account for the same website in my WHM:

my problem is that the same old website and old cpanel with old credential is still working, and I can still access it as its still hosted by the old hosting company.

my question why is that? it should be a blank page right now because I put your NS.

please contact me privately so I can give you the name of the website to check
Please help me.
Thanks a lot
Hello, It can take some time for your domain DNS information to propagate around the web. This can take up to 24 hours at times, depending on the geographic DNS server. If you need specific help with your situation, you will want to contact the Live Support team so they can assist you. Note also that if you are on a reseller account, the name servers may need to be: Kindest Regards, Scott M