Catergory text overlays category picture

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I have installed 1.6 for anime accessory store. When I add picture to category and then description text I see text overlaying picture. I heard if I modify "Themes > default-bootstrap > Category.tpl" around line 47, the image form being used can be stopped, but I couldn't be able to try it due to lack of my expertises. Can you help me with this issue?? This is the original code approx line number 47
id_image}style="background:url({$link->getCatImageLink($category->link_rewrite, $category->id_image, 'category_default')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}) 0 bottom no-repeat; background-size:contain; min-height:{$categorySize.height}px;" {/if}> {if $category->description} Delete the If statement to leave:
{if $category->description}
Hello, Thanks for the question and sorry for the problem with the categories. In the future, make sure that you place your question in the PrestaShop category - it helps to look at and identify the question issue. I took a bit of time and investigated the problem you reported, but I am unable to duplicate the problem. The code for the CATEGORIES.TPL currently has the IF statement removed from around line 47 (under the Category image section). Can you please create or provide an example URL so that we can see the problem that you're having? I added my IP address to the exception list so that I could see the issue happening in your shop. The problem is that even though I have removed the code that you mentioned, I don't see where the problem is happening. Where exactly are you adding a graphic? Give us a URL and sequence of events so that we can duplicate the problem. Apologies again for the ongoing issue! As an alternate option, if the default theme is not sufficient, you might want to look at installing a different theme. Please let us know if you have require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.