Wordpress Backend EXTREMELY SLOW

  • Answered
One of our web admins had noticed a slowdown in the back-end response of our wordpress installation located at http://www.jesus-festival.org/wp-admin

I communicated with Jacob M over chat and gave him access to our wordpress install, he couldn't fix the problem either so he told me to leave a report here. I've never experienced this before. The front end seems to load fine but the backend loads at a snail's pace. Takes minutes just to get anything done.
Hello davidkahn, Thank you for your question about a slow WordPress backend. This is typically caused by a WordPress plugin. Our guide on Troubleshooting WordPress plugins shows you how to test the plugins. It will help you narrow down the specific cause of the slow down. If your problems persist, I recommend following our Common WordPress Troubleshooting Techniques, since it provides additional steps. Specifically information on testing your WordPress Theme. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul