i don't want my add-on domains to create subdomains

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I am a new user trying to wrap my head around the idea of add-on domains. Say I own abc.com and xyz.com and I have set abc as primary. I want to set one website on abc and another independent website on xyz.

My understanding is that if I set xyz as add-on domain, that automatically creates a sub-domain in abc and when visitors type xyz.com they actually get routed to xyz.abc.com - but i don't want that. if someone visits my xyz.com website I want their address bar to say exactly that and not reroute to a sub-domain of my primary domain.

Not sure if I got my premises right tho. Can someone explain how parked domains function once I set them up? The tutorial says they automatically create subdomains. So if I don't want those, can I set my both domains to be "primary"?
Hello Diagabro, Thanks for the question! First, if you an InMotion customer and you are subscribed to a Business level hosting account, then your account creates a cPanel account on the server. cPanel's design allows a single primary account to be assigned to that created cPanel account. In order to allow multiple hosting accounts under that ONE cPanel account, subfolders are automatically created under the account. These subfolders are (by default) assigned to the add-on domains. The server knows -through DNS- where the account is located and considers the add-on domains as separate websites, even though they're on the same cPanel account. So, unless someone knows your directory structure, they normally will never see the files of any add-on domain that has been created as a subdomain to your primary domain (under public_html). I know that was a mouthful, so my apologies. Basically, the default file structures for the website look like this: home public_html (where your primary website files live) sub-domain/subdirectory (where the add-on files live) As I said, this is the default way in which cPanel works. The subdomain relationship is something that cannot be removed because of how this add-on domain setup was created. If you don't want add-on domains, then you would either need to get separate hosting accounts, or upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated server account where you can have multiple cPanel accounts. Some people do not like the actual files to be UNDER the public_html folder. Fortunately, you can change this. When you create the add-on domain, you can change where the files are located . Change the Document Root line by typing in the name that you want to use for the site's directory. Parked domains re-direct to the primary domain. You cannot have two primary domains. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Kindest regards, Arnel C.