Shared Server Speed seems VERY Slow?

  • Answered
I am finding things very slow here.
I realise that distance (I'm in Australia), and various intenet connections can affect things, but as a test, I did the following directly on the server via cPanel:
1. Moved a 200 mb file from 1 directory to another..... very slow
2. Used Akeeba to unpack one of its .JPA files (the same 200 MB file as above)... very slow

the address of the shared server I am on is:

Any thoughts?

Hello Mike, Thank you for contacting us about your server speed. In a Shared server environment, you are literally sharing the resources. This means you can be affected by other users performing tasks at same time as you, or possibly a load spike. Our system admin team usually addresses problem users quickly, to mitigate the issues. For more account specific information, you can Submit a Ticket to Live Support, and request that they review your server logs around the time you were moving/unpacking files. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul