How Do I Obtain My Client's Account Information?

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New client doesn't remember username or password

I have a new client who doesn't know anything about their hosting. All I could find by doing a hosting check is that their site should be hosted by you. How can I get the login information to their site hosting?

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Thanks for posting your question about obtaining your client's login information. In order to release that information, you would need to contact our live Technical Support. They will require that you provide the details of the hosting account and verification for the account before they could divulge that information to you.

In reviewing the website you provided, it seems that the account is hosted on the ecbiz187 server. You can use this information when contacting our live Technical Support to help them locate the account. However, without verification of the account, they will not be able to provide any details. In this case, you should reach out to the owner of the account for that information.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D