Understanding Subdomain/FTP Username and Document Root in add-on domai

  • Answered
What is the right info to use in these sections when filling the add-on domain requirement. Can i randomly choose my FTP username?... will my document root start with /public_html/....... or /home/......?


Thanks for the questions. Typically, this is filled in for you, but you can always create one. It must follow the format of FTPusername@add-on_domain_name.com, though. If you want more information, you can see the tutorial for adding an add-on domain in the cPanel. The document root of the add-on domain is by default UNDER the public_html, though you can manually change it. For example, if you have an add-on domain named add-on-domain.com, then the document root by default for that domain is /public_html/add-on-domain.com/. The add-on domain option in cPanel does allow you to modify the location of the document root.

For information, check out Where to upload files (document root information), and Getting started with FTP.

I hope this helps to answer your questions! Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.


Arnel C.