Shared SSL problem with Presta

  • Answered
I set up In Prestashop Preferences >SEO & URL my shopdomain ( and SSL domain as declared for shared SSL ( Links from my site to Register, order, cart are generated correctly but when I click the link opens the page with the name of secure server and my IP address.
Hello, Sorry for the problems you're having with the shared SSL in PrestaShop. Unfortunately, as per the many discussions on this issue in the PrestaShop forums (see these 2 pages of posts and this post) the best solution is to purchase an SSL. Shared SSL allows you to use the free SSL certificate applied to the shared server, but uses a totally different URL than your website, hence the problems that you're having. Additionally, when you start using the different URL, you're also affecting your site SEO because you would not be using your website's original URL. This due to the nature of SSL certificates. They are based on the URL that the certificate was created for. The first post that I linked above shows uses trying to get it to work (and some cases partially working), but the second post lists comments from one of the main moderators that talks about the problems of using the shared SSL - mainly that it will ruin your search engine standing. Based on these responses, I would recommend not using the shared SSL for your PrestaShop installation and investing in the SSL certificate. There are varying costs to them and they're typically not very expensive. You can obtain an SSL certificate through AMP or other vendors. I hope this helps to answer your questions. Apologies that I do not have a direct solution for shared SSLs to work with PrestaShop. Based on the responses from PrestaShop, we don't recommend it. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.