How Do I Sync My Microsoft Outlook?

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My boss uses this hosting service.. but I am unable to link and sync it to my Android phone... In the office we are using Microsoft Outlook to operate and it has no issues... But I can't seem to use the Microsoft Outlook or exchange apps on my Android phone for it work. 

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Thanks for posting your question about syncing your Microsoft Outlook. I'm sorry to see that you are experiencing issues. If you are using Microsoft Exchange, then your email is actually handled by Microsoft's servers. Unfortunately, we would not be able to provide support for their services.

I was able to find this documentation from their Support that may help you set up their email services on your Android phone. If not, I recommend you contact them to determine how to set up their services on your Android phone. If your domain is pointed to our nameservers and they ask you to update DNS records, then you can always contact our live Technical Support for assistance in modifying those records according to their instructions.

If you are unsure of which company your domain is configured to host email with, then I recommend you contact our live technical support for assistance with your InMotion Hosting account.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D.