Internal Links have stopped working

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Please assist.

As of today 12/24/2014 every internal link on my website has stopped working. Dozens are no longer redirecting. None of the links on the home page, none of the links on product pages, none of the links on the footer, none of the information pages are working. In the back office all of the links are still in place.
I made no changes.
This is a serious problem
Hello heartlandpet,

I am glad that your issue was resolved from our support team. I do apologize for our absence but our department is not normally available on holidays.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens
Hello Bruce, Sorry to hear you're having problems with the website links. I have been trying to duplicate the issue but all the links work with no problem. If you continue to have the problem, you may want to contact our live technical support team available 24/7. Apologies again for the problem, but please check it again on different devices, as I can see all of your links. If you continue to see the problem then contact the live support team to double-check the server for existing issues. You're also welcome to reply here if you gave further questions. Regards, Arnel