I can't seem to upload audio files in my WP site

  • Answered
When I try to upload mp3 files in WP using the "add media" feature, the audios won't upload. I get the error message Failed to write file to disk. InMotion Tech Support CAN upload audio files to my sites but I can't. PDFs and images do upload but not audios. Originally they thought it was a browser caching problem, but my caches were cleared. Any ideas?
Hello, Thank you for contacting regarding WordPress upload problems. We have a guide titled WordPress Error : Failed to write file to disk, that may help. I also found a post in the official WordPress forums where they suggest it could be the folder permissions. " It is possible the "wp-content/uploads" directory has the wrong folder permission." Here is a link to our guide on Changing File Permissions in cPanel Folders are typically set to 755 permissions. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Best Regards, John-Paul