Prestashop You Tube video issue.

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I am having the following issue with You Tube videos while in SSL mode:
The "top" footer of my website displays (3) You Tube videos. Note on the home pages and subsequent pages the videos show up fine in all browsers. But when the customer goes to the checkout page the following happens:

In Explorer: Only (1) video shows up until you enable "show all content" then all (3) show up.
In Chrome: They do not display on checkout page at all.
In Firefox: They do not display on the checkout page at all.

If I disable the SSL in back office the problem seems to disappear. But, as you know, I can't do that. I have an SSL for a reason. Can you help with this anomaly?
Greetings Bruce,

Thank you for your patience and getting with us about the video display issue. Arnel and I took a look into it and discovered when using the https in the checkout, the videos did not display, just as you described. We did notice that all three videos called their respective URLS with http. We were able to change all three to https and the videos displayed through a browser test.

What you will want to to is set all three videos to call https. The videos displayed fine in the http version of your site as well when the videos were called by https.

Give that a try and I think it will work out for the video displays in the checkout.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
Hello heartlandpet,

Thank you for your question. We are looking into this for you, at this time. We will post updates as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you for your patience,