Is InMotion causing deletion of my local copies of e-mails?

  • Answered
I want to keep all of my deleted messages. In Mozilla Thunderbird, under "Account Settings> Server Settings> Message Storage," I have unchecked "Empty Trash on Exit." But only a week's worth of deleted messages are retained. The missing messages are not under "Archive." I am using an IMAP server through Inmotion. I did not have this problem with my previous provider, or another Inmotion account using a POP3 server and the same Thunderbird settings. The Thunderbird community says Inmotion accounts have caused Outlook deletions, so I want to know if this is a problem with Thunderbird as well.
Hello, Sorry for the problems with email. If you review the documentation from Mozilla on Trash you should note that Trash is not thought of as a receptacle for storing email. As stated in the documentation email servers will typically empty trash after a period of time in order to make room for incoming email. Emails in trash are emptied on a weekly basis. If you wish to retain deleted email, then save your emails into a different folder other than Trash. You can also setup Thunderbird message filters or cPanel email filters to help move your mail to another location other than Trash. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.