I bought a domain and hosting but still no confirmation mail

  • Answered
Your web site says:

Your order is in the account setup process now and you will receive an initial email confirmation in the next few minutes. Our Account Confirmation Specialists are reviewing your information and will contact you over the phone shortly.

I haven't got any email yet and also I'm from Europe so phone calls might be expensive so can we do a confirmation procedure over the email?
Anyway please let me know what's happening.
Hello, As you gave no details I cannot check to see if you have yet received a call or if they have had trouble reaching you. If you have not received a contact within 30 minutes, there are usually two reasons. One is that they are a little behind with a lot of new orders and will reach out to you shortly. The other is that there may be an issue with the information and they have tried to reach out unsuccessfully. Feel free to contact them directly and they will be able to get you up and running quickly. Kindest Regards, Scott M