Max file upload size

  • Answered
My client has asked to install the PoodLL module in Moodle, which allows for the creation of audio and video files from within Moodle. The way PoodLL works is that it opens a Flash window on the local machine to make the audio or video recording, and then uploads it to the server. It works fine with very short recordings. I am getting an unspecified error when uploading larger recordings (as in a 320x240 10-second video). I suspect I am hitting a file upload limit. I have modified the PHP.ini file to 1000MB max file upload size. I have checked the setting in the Moodle system for max upload file size, and it is set to the system max. It notes in the Moodle documentation that this is limited by both PHP.ini AND the Apache setting LimitRequestBody. Since this is a shared server, I do not know any way of adjusting Apache. Moodle reports that the max file size that can be uploaded is 128 MB, due to site policies. Since the setting is PHP.ini is 1000MB, I am guessing that the LimitRequestBody is 128 MB. Can you confirm?

Any ideas on how to get around this? Thanks!
I think I found the answer to my problem. In PHP.ini I also had to edit the max_post_size to match the upload size. Now I can upload longer recordings.