Can I change my website builder from iWeb to your website builder?

  • Answered
I've used iWeb for my website builder. I've been having some problems with it. Can I download your website builder and transfer my website contemns to the new site? Is it compatible with an iMac?
Hello, Thank you for your question. You can switch to the Builder, but unfortunately will have to rebuild your website. This will be the case when switching to any other web building software, or CMS (Content Management System). The Builder, like many of the Software options we offer, will work on an iMac, since they are browser based. Allowing you to edit/update the website from the web browser on any computer. This is in-line with most of the up-to-date web design software. Since you are considering changing web design options, I also recommend looking into Concrete5, and WordPress. They are very popular and easy to use. Thank you, John-Paul