Trouble sending emails with Horde

  • Answered
Some, but not all, of the emails I want to send with Horde simply won't go through. I compose the message than hit 'send' and the message box just recycles with my message appearing in text format. I hit send again and the same thing. I close the message box and check 'sent mail' and there is no record of the message being sent. This even occurs with recipients I have already been exchanging messages with. Any ideas?


Hello Joe,

Sorry to hear that you're having problems with sending email through Horde. In order for us to properly troubleshoot this issue, we would need to know the specific email account that is having the problem. Additionally, your account info and any bounce messages (if any) would help us to properly troubleshoot the issue. If you could send us this information, we can trace down the emails and see what's happening.

Please provide a little more information and we can track down what's happening.

Arnel C.