Some sent emails do not go to sent folder

  • Answered
Occasionally, when I send an email from my InMotion account through Outlook 2010 or with Apple Mail, the sent item never shows up in any of my sent folders. I've received replies to some of these emails, so I know at least some of them are getting sent. I don't have this problem with any of my other email accounts, so I'm fairly certain it's something that can only be solved by your support staff. This is an ongoing issue that I first requested help with several months ago.
Hello, Sorry for the problem with your Apple Mail. The problem is not one caused by the email servers sending your email. As you can see, emails are being sent, so they are properly functioning. The problem is that your email client needs to subscribe to the SENT folder in order to get those updates. Please see this tutorial: How to subscribe IMAP email folders. That should take care of the problem. Please let us know if you continue to have the problem. We would need to know what version of Mail that you're using and what protocol (IMAP or POP) that you're using. You may also find many answers to your email issues by going to the Email Client Setup of our Support Center. Regards, Arnel C.