Where are the deleted emails?

  • Answered
One of my clients used webmail to check email at home. She mistakenly selected all of email (she though just the ones on screen) and deleted them. However I can't find them in the trash folder even if she's sure that she didn't empty the trash. Where did the email go? How can I restore them for her? BTW, I don't backup the cpanel so far. I will do it later.
Hello, Deleted emails should probably be in the trash folder. They shouldn't simply delete right away. Some interfaces, such as Horde display the emails with a strikethrough and then remove them after a time. The bad news is, the emails are gone once they are deleted. There is no space on the server where they are stored after a full deletion. You may, however, request a restoration of that email account from the last backup on the server from our Support team. This is provided that a) your account is on a VPS or Shared server and b) the account is under 10GB in size. That is for our free backups. Accounts outside those specs are not backed up unless they are subscribed to as a paid service. Kindest Regards, Scott M