Best Suggestion for Displaying Hundreds of Clickable Product Images?

  • Answered
I am creating a "Featured Artists" page for my website and want to show CD Covers at least 5 across, with a clickable link to the artists' own pages so the customer can purchase directly from them. I created a banner ad with three entries so far that are showing vertical. When I tried to add your suggested html code to the template to make them show horizontally, warnings flashed and my joomla locked up, so I undid that, and all seems to be ok. When I tried to create single banner ads for each artist, so the value is 1, joomla only showed me the first artist because it pulls from ALL banners created. Can I create one large banner ad to which I can just add new CD Covers as they come in? Should this just be a module? I am a complete newbie to this type of stuff and completely self taught, learning as I go with the help of web sites like yours - and I am so very grateful!! Any and all advice is greatly appreciated :) Thank you!
Hello, Thanks for the question! I was going to suggest that you do this in a table per page with a link out to each artist per the CD cover. However, you're right, it may simply be easier to find a solution for this via a plugin. It does depend on if you're using a solution such as VirtueMart in Joomla. Check out Virtue Mart extension: Product Display. I hope that helps to provide you an answer. If you still require assistance, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.