CKeditor in PHPlist is not working

  • Answered
I'm getting a path statement error in PHPlist when I enable the plugin CKeditor. I need this editor and it was working before the last upgrade of PHPlist. I can't find a path statement in the config file that is causing the error. Is there a way to reinstall PHPlist without losing my Client Data? I think PHPlist has become corrupt.


What is the exact error message you are receiving?

I am unsure of what you will experience by reinstalling the program, even if you created a backup of the database and then imported it after reinstalling.

You may want to test a new install in another subdirectory. Then you could make a copy and import your current database on it to see if it will work fine. If so, then you could delete the test location and perform the same procedure on the live section. I certainly would not do it without the test first.

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Scott M