Menu is not displayed among main menus

InMotionFans 6 years ago in Blogs and Content Management Systems / Drupal 7 0
I am new to drupal7. As a learning process I created a new menu named Official website. But after saving the details menu is not seen on the front page. Then I noticed each menu has a corresponding block that is managed on the Blocks administration page.So In the Disabled tab i tried to change the region of the menu as Sidebar-right and is displaying successfully on the right. But I actually need the menu as one of the Main Menu and unfortunately I am unable to find such an option.. Can any one resolve my problem?
Hello, Sorry you're having problems with the menu in Drupal 7. You may need to make sure that when you add menus, that you're adding them in the right place. It's not clear if you added a menu in the menu location. Try reviewing the documentation provided by Drupa: https://www.drupal.org/node/120632 I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.