One of my three sites got its title page messed up

  • Answered is a sub-domain and its title got changed to: THE SENFT GENEALOGY & RECIPE PAGES My other two sites are fine. Talked to support and did two different website malware tests. No problems. I believe it had something to do with Disqus as I posted something and the site went weird. "Are you sure you want to do this?" When I later came back to the site it had been changed. Their is NO record of this 'comment' to delete. Reset to a few days ago did not work. Latest version of WordPress and fairly recent Weaver 11 pro. Same is installed on all three sites. Mailed Disqus my problem - no answer yet. If I delete it, I am not sure if it will correct the problem. Other answer being, delete it, switch to another theme, then come back to Weaver. A reboot so to speak. I will not upgrade the Weaver program until this Title mess is cleared up. Could not find ANYTHING to do in File Manager or Control Panel. ANY IDEAS? Follow up, I would like a comment option. Contact form 7 did not seem to work and I went to Fast Secure Contact Form which did. Then I went to Disqus and this happened. Not one comment in over 6,000 hits? Asked one Internet newspaper friend to post, just to see if it worked. He replied.Herb; it is too difficult to sign in to your site. It runs people off who might comment.

Sorry for the problem with your WordPress site. On further investigation we discovered that the problem is totally related to your Weaver II theme. When we use a different theme, the title problem goes away. I also noticed that you were using the "&" (ampersand) symbol and it often causes issues in code if it is not escaped properly. As soon as I replaced it with "and" the title appears properly with no code. I left the title with "and" in it so that the code does not appear.

We unfortunately cannot correct code withing third party WordPress themes. You will need to take up the issue with the author of the theme in order to have the behavior corrected. Let us know if you require any further assistance!

Arnel C.