link to a custom page

  • Answered
I have eCommerce hosting but created a custom page(test.html) and placed in "HOME/test1" directory.
But www.mydomain/account/test1/test.html <--- doesn't work.. what should be the correct path?
Hello, Sorry for the problem that you're having with your link. If you require help with creating hyper links, you can reference our tutorial on creating them. In regards to the path, if you can provide the actual path that you used, then we can check why it's not working. The path that you're using should be capitalized the same way you have it on your server (names are capital sensitive on the server). If you refer to the path with a capitalized name and folder name is NOT capitalized on the server, then it will generate the 404 error. Additionally, in order to reference a folder or file that you created on your server, the file should be within the PUBLIC_HTML folder. This folder is considered the document root. When you make a URL based on the file's location, it would look like this if you saved it directly in the PUBLIC_HTML folder: Notice that "PUBLIC_HTML" is not part of the path. I hope that this helps to clarify this issue! If you require further assistance, please let us know. If you want us to review the path that is not working for you, then please provide it and we would be happy to investigate it in more depth. Regards, Arnel C.