Redirect stopped after InMotion Hosting hacked

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My main website is hosted by a third party. Recently, when Inmotion was hacked, my domains were moved to other servers ans new passwords. My redirect was removed, and I have been operating for nearly two months without a website! I attempted to redirect, it worked one day, Now it isn't. I need to have the redirect replaced before the hack.


I am unsure as to what you are referring to. In checking with our system admins, our servers themselves have not been hacked within the last 3 years. Individual accounts have, but not due to server security issues. There have been some issues on specific servers that resulted in some accounts being moved, however these were hardware related on retiring servers.

In looking at your site, I see the primary domain name is indeed redirecting to a third party. Was this the domain you were referring to? If you are having issues with the redirect you will want to contact Live Support so they can walk through the settings for you.

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Scott M