Does Business hosting meet Craft CMS requirements

  • Answered
I'm getting ready to launch my first site built with Craft CMS and looking for a web host. Does InMotion shared/business hosting meet the following requirements?

Craft requires the following:

PHP 5.3.0 or later with safe mode disabled
MySQL 5.1.0 or later, with the InnoDB storage engine installed
A minimum of 32MB of memory allocated to PHP
A minimum of 20MB of free disk space
A minimum of 1MB of database space

Craft requires the following PHP extensions to be enabled:

Reflection Extension
PCRE Extension
SPL Extension
PDO Extension
PDO MySQL Extension
Mcrypt Extension
GD Extension with FreeType Support or Imagick Extension
OpenSSL Extension
Multibyte String Extension
crypt() with BLOWFISH_CRYPT enabled

Yes, Craft CMS is able to be installed on our servers. I have tested this by installing a copy on our testbusiness server and everything went fine.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M