Can't log into tikiwiki

  • Answered
I have installed tikiwiki through Softaculous to the address to receive the following email.
Congratulations, the software was installed successfully
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware has been successfully installed at : Administrative URL :
We hope the installation process was easy.
These two web addresses are inactive. I have tried all the help you extensively supply to no avail. Please advice where I am going wrong by return email.


The domain name is registered but not pointed to our servers. If you own the domain name and want to be able to use tikiwiki with it from our servers, simply follow our guide on pointing to our name servers . Once they point properly (give them 4-24 hours for propagation time) the domain name should be working properly and you should be able to access the tikiwiki using the domain name.

Kindest Regards,

Scott M